How to be brave!

Decide to shave. Ask your friends to sponsor you. Be brave and shave. Celebrate how amazing you look and how great you feel!

It's easy!   

Getting to your shave goal

We're here to help you every step of the way

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Step 1

Decide to shave, colour or wax.

How short?: If you’re going to shave, we prefer clipper length No.1 or No.2. Many women opt for No.3 or No.4. For health and liability reasons we don’t recommend blade shaves down to the skin.

If you’re colouring, spray your locks with a stunning temporary hair colour. We recommend you use non-permanent hair spray or chalk that washes out the same day.

Cinta Intense Hair Colour Sprays are ideal and are available from all good pharmacies. You can also try hair chalks - they wash out easily as well. You can buy a pack here.

Step 2

Ask your sponsors to help you reach your goal

If you’re doing this amazing thing – make it really count!  Your friends will be surprisingly generous if you ask them to sponsor you. 

So don’t be shy, be bold and think of a goal you’d like to reach.

$560 can give a regional family a free place to stay close to treatment in the city, for one week.

$1,200 can provide free transport for people who are too ill to drive after chemotherapy treatment, for two weeks.

$2,000 can aid future breakthroughs by funding a major blood cancer research project, for one week.

Step 3

Be Brave and Shave!

Shave or colour anytime during our advertised World’s Greatest Shave weekend, or any date that suits you.

Attend one of the free events.  There will be lots of public events held over our shave weekend with hairdressers and equipment all provided. Where to shave.

Organise your own event. This is great if your team are all shaving or colouring together. Your event can be as simple or sophisticated as you want to make it. Event checklist.

Host a public event. Want to host an official public event?  Call us on 1800 500 088 or contact us and we’ll get back to you.  Contact us.

Get Shave Gear. Look amazing in a World’s Greatest Shave shirt! Kit out your event with balloons, capes and more from our online shop.

Enjoy yourself. After all the hard work preparing for the big moment, take plenty of before and after photos and upload them to Facebook.

Step 4

Celebrate your success!

Party on, and enjoy the compliments you’ll receive for your amazing new look!

Take photos - look amazing - ask people for more donations once they see how great you look! 

Thank everyone who supported you.  They got you to your goal after all! 

Pay in the money you’ve collected by reaching your goal - thank you!  How to pay in.

Under 18?

  • Don’t give the grown ups a nasty shock!
  • Always get permission from a parent and check with your school first.
  • You need to fill in the consent form and get it signed by a teacher AND a parent or guardian.
  • When you sign up you need to tell us a parent or guardian’s name and number – or call 1800 500 088.

Consent Form

Can I donate my hair?

  • Your hair can be used to make wigs for people who lose theirs during cancer treatment.
  • It has to be 35cm or longer, plaited, tied with elastic bands at both ends, not coloured or bleached and in good condition.
  • Search online for wigmakers or local hospitals. The Leukaemia Foundation can't accept donations of hair.

Other ideas for girls

  • Wear a wig.
  • Wear a wacky style for the day.
  • Go crazy with clips, scrunchies and hair extensions!
  • Got long hair? Go short –then shorter still!

Other ideas for guys

  • Try shaving off your beard, moustache or sideburns.
  • Wax your legs or chest!
  • Lose the mullet or the comb-over!
  • Use face-paint to get creative on your already bald head.

Fast fact:

7 in 10 people who took part last time raised more than they expected, so check out these top tips:

Tip 1

Ask your friends!

Start asking for sponsorship as early as possible by asking everyone you know: family, friends, club members, workmates, clients, customers, other stores or departments and suppliers. 

Use your official book of receipts to give to sponsors who give you cash or cheques.

Tip 2

Go online!

Send emails, SMSs and Facebook posts asking for sponsorship – Log in and use the Sponsor tools to Get Sponsors and Get Social.

All your messages include a link to your Profile Page, so people can sponsor you with their credit card – they get an email receipt straight away – easy!

Tip 3

Get Appy!

Our App is packed with amazing tools and cool ideas for making the most of your shave. Post pics with previews of crazy hairstyles, ask your friends to sponsor you by SMS and keep track of your goal.

You can even set up a countdown to your shave and take progress selfies, before, during and after your shave.

Tip 4

Double your money!

It really motivates everyone at work if they know that the boss will double what they donate to your shave! 

Check to see if the company you work for runs a dollar matching scheme and make sure you apply for a share.

Tell us if your company will dollar match – call the Business Development Manager in your state on 1800 500 088.

Organise your own event

This is great if your team are shaving or colouring together. Your event can be as simple or sophisticated as you want!

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